Running a small call-center with QueueMetrics Espresso


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Table of Contents

1. Introducing QueueMetrics Espresso
1.1. Turning your PBX into a call-center solution
1.2. Call centers 101: the very basics
1.3. Prerequisites
1.4. Tutorial organization
2. Installing Espresso
2.1. Installing a license key
2.2. Updating QueueMetrics under Espresso
3. Testing your new call center
3.1. Configure the PBX
3.2. Configuring QueueMetrics
3.3. Running QueueMetrics: an introduction
3.4. Listening to calls
3.5. Outbound calls
3.6. Call listening
4. Getting more information
4.1. Getting help
A. Supported PBXs
A.1. Elastix
A.2. TrixBox
A.3. AsteriskNOW
A.4. PBX-in-a-Flash
A.5. FreePBX Distro
A.6. Thirdlane
A.7. What if my PBX is not on the list?
5. Appendix II: Common problems and solutions
5.1. Avoiding queue_log file rotation
5.2. Stopping and starting QueueMetrics
5.3. Setting QueueMetrics memory limits
5.4. Installing the SSH Java client in Trixbox
5.5. Installing QueueMetrics on a different server