Accessing QueueMetrics through its JSON interface

Loway SA

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Table of Contents

1. Document contents
1.1. Revision history
2. What is JSON?
2.1. Which functions does QueueMetrics export as JSON?
2.2. Should I use JSON or XML-RPC?
2.3. Example: accessing QueueMetrics from the command-line
2.4. Example: accessing QueueMetrics from Ruby
3. The JSON Configuration API
3.1. General usage
3.2. Available editors
4. The JSON Reports API
4.1. Reports
4.2. Authentication and agent information
4.3. Quality Assessment (QA)
4.4. Tasks
4.5. PBX Interactions
4.6. System administration
5. QmPushCfgService
6. Appendix A1: A short list of REST/JSON libraries
7. Appendix A2: QueueMetrics data blocks
7.1. Available blocks for QmStats
7.2. Available blocks for QmRealtime