Chapter 8. Release 14.03

Release 14.03 is a bug-fix and performance-improvement release on top of QueueMetrics 13.12. You will surely notice that QueueMetrics is now faster when running actions on the server. This happens for example, when you log on agents to a set of queues. We also included many fixes that correct technical annoyances and make your experience smoother.

Under the hood, we made many changes to prepare the system for the next generation agent page that will debut in the next release.

8.1. General usability improvements

8.1.1. Interaction with Asterisk through the AMI now faster

Depending on the version of Asterisk used, there was a delay in performing actions that could be noticeable on some systems when logging on or off to a large number of queues. This is now way faster (up to 10x) and happens almost immediately.

8.1.2. The multi-stint pop-up is now included in the general call detail pop-up

There is no separate pop-up to see call stints; stint information - when present - is now visible in a tab on the Call Detail pop-up.

8.1.3. Calls connected to agents after agent was removed do not start a new session

The parser usually starts a new agent session when events for an agent are received by a logged-off agent. Now, if a call is queued while the agent is connected but is routed to the agent soon after the agent disconnects, the previous session length is adjusted and a new session is not started, so the agent does not "linger on" in the real-time view.

8.1.4. Added Drill-down methods for the Performance Tracker page

The Performance Tracker page now has drill-down methods to filter calls interactively.

8.1.5. Immediate pick-up on configuration changes

QueueMetrics caches database reads in order to avoid hammering the database with the same queries over and over again. Such caches usually have a small duration - no more than 30 seconds - but sometimes if you create a new queue and go back to the main page, the new queue may take a few seconds to appear. This does not happen anymore - all configuration changes done through the GUI are effective immediately.

8.1.6. Compatible with the latest Oreka TR installations

The most recent versions of Oreka TR changed the names of a few components. It is now configurable with a property in order to have QueueMetrics work correctly with all builds of Oreka TR.

8.1.7. Additional caching of frequent SQL queries

Some more queries are now cached and should reduce the database load of about 15% if you have a large number of concurrent agents. The change will be noticeable for larger systems (100+ agents live).

8.2. Misc changes

A number of bugs present in previous releases were fixed:

  • Access to the Realtime page via XML-RPC might fail in QM 12.13
  • AGAW runner issue - wrong JAR reference
  • Agent page pop-ups abort if extension is missing
  • Exception when parsing under non-existent session
  • Added cache breaker to pop-ups
  • Accessing multi-stint calls from block OD03
  • Wrong counts in "Answered calls by custom groups" when reloading the page
  • Excessive log at the "Severe" level
  • Incorrect content-type in responses for AJAX services
  • Saner insert defaults for the queue_log table
  • Possibe XSS vulnerability on the Error page
  • The Agent’s page would time out to /queuemetrics/qm/undefined
  • Calls being originated would appear in the wrong order on the Agents page until connected