Chapter 8. Release 12.02

This release of QueueMetrics includes a main functional improvement, which is related to the Music on Hold (MOH) feature. This brief release overview allows to understand the new feature, why it was implemented and how it it can be applied.

The new major change is as follows:

8.1. Tracking Music on Hold

Many QueueMetrics customers expressed the need to be able to monitor the amount of time a customer was put on hold, given that this is not currently measureable via Asterisk. To use the MOH feature it is necessary to install a custom patch which allows to track these events.

When this feature is enabled, if we look at the QueueMetrics Realtime page, we see an "MOH" field that shows the amount of time a customer is on Hold with music, during a call. If multiple Hold instances took place during the call, this field will show the total "on hold" duration.


See also:

  • QueueMetrics User Manual: chapter 7.2 (Calls being processed)

QueueMetrics offers the option to have a list of calls displayed in a paginated format. If we look at the bottom right of this list, we can see a small icon which allows us to add or remove columns within the listing. We now have the option of adding the "MOH events" and "MOH duration" columns, which report on the number of events where a caller was put on Hold and the total duration of such events.


See also:

  • QueueMetrics User Manual: chapter 20.12 (Configuring paginated calls)

The new feature also allows to see the total number of Music on Hold (MOH) events per agent, how many MOH instances took place throughout a call, the average and total duration of the MOH events.


See also:

  • QueueMetrics User Manual: chapter 6.1.13 (Music on Hold by agent)